Insurgent healthcare brand takes on industry Goliaths.

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Crossroads Health launched in 2019 with a mission to reshape the way the healthcare industry approaches credit balances and eliminate the billions of dollars in associated waste. Their founding team came with decades of experience and a vision to take on the industry goliaths that controlled this segment of the market with a superior solution.

The Challenge

The challenges Crossroads Health faced were mighty, but didn’t scare them away. They knew their solution could revolutionize the industry, but they were up against the largest companies in healthcare who had a tight grip on the segment. The core challenges were as follows:

  • Building a pipeline from scratch with no sales team.
  • Stretching a limited budget as a bootstrapped startup.
  • Revealing the problem and changing perceptions in the marketplace.

Our Solution

Crossroads Health engaged Hardt Marketing to help navigate these challenges and bring their solution to market. Our focus was divided into the following three areas: Branding, Web, and Demand Generation.


We worked with Crossroads Health to develop a more comprehensive brand identity and design system using their logo mark, a cheeky yellow bird (later named Larry). The Crossroads Health logo was far removed from the typical healthcare financial services firm and meant to communicate their fresh outlook and never before seen solution. The Bird mark is meant to symbolize the head of the flock that Crossroads Health would now lead; a new era of revenue cycle management in which commercial payers did not have complete control of healthcare providers. An era where rampant credit balances were a thing of the past.


It was critical that Crossroads Health establish their online presence by developing a website that would not only represent their groundbreaking solution, but provide a channel to host thought leadership, resources, industry news/events, and so much more.

Hardt developed a custom website that, once again, did not follow the mold of a typical healthcare revenue cycle management firm - with bright, bold accent colors and illustrations sure to make you look twice.

Demand Generation

So Crossroads Health was armed with a brand and a new website, now what? How were they going to bring their novel solution to market? To solve this problem, we got to work crafting an end-to-end demand generation strategy. The outcome was to focus our efforts in two key areas:


Crossroads Health made their mission to actively participate in as many industry events as possible, whether it be through attendance, speaking, sponsoring, or exhibiting. Their founding team hit the road and attended more than 75 industry events, sponsored dozens of chapters/conferences, exhibited at numerous large trade shows, and more. The objective? To build authentic relationships with revenue cycle leaders nationwide.

Content, Creative & Sales Enablement

So what about Crossroads Health’s digital strategy? We worked to develop a content strategy focused on producing valuable content that could attract and educate professionals across the healthcare continuum. What did this mean tactically? A lot of written content on the Crossroads Health website, custom CMS collections featuring events, resources and more, coupled with a focused organic LinkedIn strategy.

The Results

With no budget spent on paid advertising or lead generation, Crossroads Health more than tripled the opportunities in their sales pipeline, grew revenue substantially, and came to be known as one of the top vendors in their category.